What cost ‘vibrancy’?

Email sent to all councillors on 17th May 2013.

Dear Councillor

Wilson Bowden representatives are quoted in the press saying the proposed development would bring new vibrancy to Macclesfield.

They do not mention that it would destroy existing community activities that bring genuine vibrancy into the town.

Here are the local RSBP Wildlife Explorers (RSPB Juniors) in Heritage Walk, a green space that will under the proposed scheme be covered by Debenhams. If for any reason you can’t see the image, you can see it on Facebook here


Kew Botanic Gardens have chosen the Macclesfield group to take part in the ‘Grow Wild’ experiment for teams of youngsters throughout the country.

On May the 4th, the children embarked on a pilot wildflower project at Heritage Walk on Churchill Way, creating a haven for bees and other wildlife in the middle of Macclesfield.

If the Silk Street plans go ahead, not only the newly planted wild flowers but also 100+ mature trees would disappear forever.

Cheshire East Council staff and local volunteers, including many children, have worked hard on this and other community projects to create a sustainable environment in Macclesfield.

Will future generations thank us if we bury it in concrete?

And how does a retail monolith meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework for development to be environmentally sustainable?

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