Update 11th July 2014

1. Compulsory Purchase Orders

As they reach what by our reckoning is their contractual deadline, CEC are submitting the CPOs to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Those directly affected have the right to object. If this happens, there could be a public enquiry. CEC are expecting an enquiry, with a hearing to be held locally this autumn and a decision made in the spring of next year. Subject to approval, CEC anticipate work starting on site late in 2015 and project completion at the end of 2017.

2. Debenhams

Debenhams financial performance is still problematic and not only it has pulled out of two other similar schemes in the last month or so, it also appears to have boxed Newport Council into a corner with the town’sproposed Friar’s Walk Development. When the developers failed to find finance/sufficient pre-lets within the required time frame, Debenhams considered pulling out, saying they needed things to move more quickly. As a result, the council has borrowed £90 million to lend to the developers so that work could start. read more at http://www.ilovemacc.com/2014/07/11/silk-street-developmen-cost-us-dearly/

3. Lidl coming to town?

Lidl are in talks with CEC about building on the Towers site – the semi-derelict office block by the Park Lane/Churchill Way roundabout. Letters have sent out by Lidl to town residents saying they are working with CEC on ‘proposals for a mixed-use scheme in a building that will act as a landmark into the proposed Silk Quarter’.

Lidl are holding a public consultation meeting next Tuesday, the 15th July (definitely Tuesday, for anyone who saw the Facebook post that said Wednesday). Senior Citizens’ Hall, 2.30 – 7pm. Please go and see what the exactly the proposals are and give your considered opinion.

4. Local governance

Everyone in town should have had voting papers from CEC regarding the three options. You should also have had (or be getting one shortly) a flyer from the Civic Society talking about the benefits of the town council option.

A few comments:

Local Service Delivery Committee: We have this at the moment. It is comprised of CEC councillors from Macclesfield town wards. It has no power to do anything beyond give advice and make recommendations to CEC, which can be – and are – ignored. We are told the committee’s role would be enhanced and that it could potentially take over the running of certain local services. Its work would however continue to be part of the CEC decision making structure and any additional powers would be granted or withdrawn at the discretion of Cheshire East. It could not own any assets.

Single Town Council: This would be a new body with elected representatives separate from CEC. You would vote for a representative (or representatives) for your own ward. Town councils (which are the same these days as parish councils) are typically non-party political. A town council would be a statutory consultee on every Cheshire East consultation and all local planning applications, meaning its views could not be easily ignored. It could also create a neighbourhood plan which would have to be used as a basis for planning decisions. Town councils can also directly own and manage local assets, and many (such as Bollington) actively market their towns to attract tourists and boost local trade. All the local Town Councillors in East Cheshire are unpaid and don’t get any expenses for attending meetings. The town council would take over the role of the Charter Trustees.

Seven smaller councils: Seven bodies with same powers as a town council but each representing just one small part of the town, meaning there could be multiple approaches to service provision and no single voice for the town as a whole.

Whichever option we get, there will be an additional cost.

Note that the results of this exercise are not binding on CEC. The vote is part of the statutory consultation process. Nevertheless, it’s important to make our voices heard.

Public meetings next Wednesday 16th July

Macclesfield Town Hall – Assembly Rooms: 12.30 – 1.30pm and 2.30 – 3.30pm Rugby Club – 7-8pm

More background here – http://wakeupmacc.org.uk/governance-for-macclesfield-voting-coming-up/

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