Section 106 commitments

As part of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1990, developments such as this, that involve what is called ‘Planning Gain’ (ie the extra value added to the land as a result of the development), always include a number of agreements made between the Council and the Developer to reflect this added value. In the Act, this is in Section 106; and such agreements are usually referred to as ‘Section 106 commitments’.

A Section 106 Agreement was concluded in this case in September 2013. It is on the CEC website and states that Wilson Bowden must provide:

An Employment and Skills plan specifying measures to be taken to make employment and skills training opportunities available to local people.

£1,034,807 towards an alternative to the Senior Citizen’s Hall

£21,152 towards traffic management and pollution mitigation.  This includes:
– £10,000 towards ‘the extension of the Macclesfield town centre urban traffic control system into Cross Street/London Road and/or the implementation of traffic management measures within the existing air quality management area’
– £10,000 towards ‘action plan development and implementation for mitigating against predicted increases in nitrogen dioxide in the town centre.’
– £1.152 for ’24 months post-development diffusion tube monitoring’

£100,000 towards public realm and environmental improvements. £50,000 to be paid before starting

£10,000 towards monitoring a Travel Plan

£31,000 towards making Traffic Regulation Orders. To be paid before starting.

£5,000 towards on street coach stop

£25,000 for street signage for pedestrians and cyclists

See full Section 106 details on Cheshire East website

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