Planning Issues

Conflict with planning policies

The development proposals conflict with both national and local planning policies in a number of ways. For specific detail, read Object to the Macclesfield town centre redevelopment proposals

By law, the decision has to accord with the planning policies in two key documents:

1. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

This states that planning has three core roles:

An economic role – contributing to building a strong, responsive and competitive economy, by ensuring that sufficient land of the right type is available in the right places and at the right time to support growth and innovation; and by identifying and coordinating development requirements, including the provision of infrastructure;

A social role – supporting strong, vibrant and healthy communities, by providing the supply of housing required to meet the needs of present and future generations; and by creating a high quality built environment, with accessible local services that reflect the community’s needs and support its health, social and cultural well-being; and

An environmental role – contributing to protecting and enhancing ournatural, built and historic environment, Social role; and, as part of this, helping to improve biodiversity, use natural resources prudently, minimise waste and pollution, and mitigate and adapt to climate change including moving to a low carbon economy.

2. The Macclesfield Local Plan

Although a new Local Plan is under discussion, the policies upon which this scheme will be decided are those from the original Macclesfield borough local plan, which was adopted by Cheshire East.  However, as it is now out of date, the NPPF policies take precedence where they are different.

Read the Macclesfield Local Plan


Leamington Spa rejects similar scheme on planning grounds

Leamington Spa Town Council recently objected to a Wilson Bowden town centre scheme.  The planning authority (Warwickshire) upheld their objection and rejected the plans.  The points on which they objected are uncannily similar to those affecting Macclesfield.

Read the Leamington Spa Town Council Objections



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