“No change is not an option” video

Cheshire East’s video promoting the need for the development is provoking strong reactions.  Here’s a copy of a letter to a councillor that was also posted by one of our followers on the Wake up Macc Facebook page.

Dear Councillor,

Re: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBCz-oQEkKM

I was saddened and not a little appalled to see your appearance in the video made by Cheshire East that appeared on YouTube on 5th December and spends its duration running down our town whilst playing the threatening music from the TV’s ‘The Apprentice’. I had always assumed our councillors (from the town anyway) would shy away from such a depressing, turgid and somewhat amateurish piece of propaganda and seek to represent the town as it is; in need of help certainly, but with a base of lively, independent and creative people working to make the place somewhere to come to live, work and play – obviously this is an alien concept to people such as you and quite a few others in Cheshire East.

Since the first Barnaby, the town has been revitalised: from the Treacle Market to new bars and Winterfest many who live in the town have found a voice and now actively partake in the local community. I am a musician and self-employed graphic artist and animator and know many, many people who relish the fact we can now drink local beer in good pubs, see and play great music, see a film and meet and chat in the many independent coffee shops. The people that have done all this are ordinary citizens, not councillors or employees of the nightmare that is Cheshire East. They were motivated by the lack of culture in the town and they have brought it back and encouraged it to flourish, all by themselves. They motivated the artists, the musicians and the shop owners of the town – and they did us proud.

Cheshire East seems to hate Macclesfield, undefended as it is by a town council. By supporting the appallingly unimaginative and ill-conceived Wilson-Bowden scheme (based on out-of-date concepts) you are trying to turn Macclesfield into competition for Handforth Dean, Manchester and the Trafford Centre. This will not work in the long run, as these places attract people from far and wide already, and the area is saturated with these corporate/chainstore aggregations. We need to DIFFERENTIATE ourselves from these places by encouraging a sustainable shopping and cultural experience centred around local independents who will keep money in the local economy and will continue to do so. Debenhams doesn’t not care a jot about the people of Macclesfield, but the local shopkeepers do. A four-screen multiplex showing only the latest Hollywood dross is NOT culture (you obviously don’t mind killing Cinemac). The last Treacle market saw massive numbers enjoying the event, pouring money into the local economy and I know for a fact the spin-off for some of the local retailers was very significant indeed.

People didn’t come to the last Treacle market to buy mass-produced tat, they came because they want quality, uniqueness and to enjoy being in a vibrant, exciting town centre. A fact your sorry, shameful little presentation seems to have passed by altogether, preferring to concentrate on the sort of negativity that was prevalent in Macclesfield Borough Council and which, like that erstwhile institution deserves to be consigned to the past. The very nature of the film is mean-spirited and negative. To be associated with this dross, and to support the decision to kill the town under the weight of chainstores and corporates is both mistaken and out of touch.

You don’t speak for us, this video doesn’t speak for us and I don’t recognise the town you are speaking about in your nasty little film.

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