What’s Planned for Macclesfield

Under these plans, Wilson Bowden would build on the land currently occupied by Churchill Way car park, Duke Street car park, the Senior Citizens’ Hall, Exchange Street car park (little Tesco), the former Arighi Bianchi warehouse between Samuel Street and Old Park Lane, and five houses on Roe Street.

See ground level masterplan (PDF)

The proposals are as follows:

1. Demolish five houses on Roe Street and the Senior Citizen’s Hall, and build a new shopping street – Silk Street – on Duke St car park.

This street would look in on itself. Churchill Way and Duke Street would become the rear walls of the shops.  There would be a solid wall up to five storeys high from Samuel Street (B&Q roundabout) all the way up both Churchill Way and Duke St.

See the drawings on the Cheshire East website of  the Churchill Way and Duke Street elevations 

See the drawings on the Cheshire East website of the Silk Street  elevations


Wilson Bowden artist’s impression of proposed view of Churchill Way from Halfords car park.  Please note:  Churchill Way will not become traffic free as the image suggests.







Current view, showing Heritage Walk park.Current view of Churchill Way, Macclesfield





2. Build a  multi-storey car park at the bottom of Churchill Way and in between Samuel Street and Old Park Lane. 

Entrance and exit onto Churchill Way.





2. Build new shops built on the current Exchange Street car park, leaving about half the land open as a new ‘town square’Mulberry Square.

3. Turn the section of Churchill Way running past Mulberry Square and the cinema into a ‘shared use’ environment where the road is shared by pedestrians and traffic.

4. Build a multiplex cinema with adjoining restaurants on what is now Churchill Way car park.

See drawings on Cheshire East website of the cinema elevations onto Churchill Way and Great King Street

See drawings on Cheshire East website of the cinema elevations onto Water Street and Wellington Street

The Wilson Bowden proposals do not include the following:
  • Re-use or replacement of any of our derelict or unused buildings apart from the Samuel Street Arighi Bianci warehouse.
  • Housing (apart from five houses on Water Street backing on to the cinema and with windows only at the front).
  • A car park for people using the little Tesco or the surrounding shops at the top of the town.

See full planning  information on Cheshire East website


What stage are the plans at?

Cheshire East planning committee was due to decide on the proposals in September 2012.  This was delayed as – due to public pressure – the councl went gone back to the developers to ask for revised plans.  These plans are now in, and the consultation period is underway. Consultation ends on 22nd February.

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