Hurdsfield candidates speak out

Here’s what the candidates say.

Stephen Broadhead, Liberal Democrats:  Against the development.  Pledges to help protect independent stores.

Steve Carter, Labour: Against the development: “Retail has changed so much in the past twenty years as more people buy online…Macclesfield is a great small business environment and this should be preserved. Let’s keep Macclesfield’s old fashioned character. It is a unique selling point that many still want.

John Knight, Green: Against the development: “We don’t need a clone town centre; we’ve got a real one…why should people come to Macclesfield for what they can get anywhere? We need an imaginative new approach to breathe new life into the town.”

David Lonsdale, UKIP: Against the development. “Macclesfield will be regenerated, not by big retailsers, but by independent shops providing an interesting shopping experience.”

Alistair Kennedy, Conservative: Not known – we haven’t seen any statements from him.

We’ll be asking all our currently elected councillors for their position.  Some have spoken out, more have stayed silent.  It’s time we knew where they stood. Watch this space.


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