Cheshire East enter the Dragons’ Den

Have you ever watched one of those episodes of Dragons Den where an overconfident and defiant entrepreneur who has spent tens of thousands developing his product but has yet to make a profit after 10 years of flogging a dead horse has the temerity to tell the Dragons they are wrong when they refuse to invest because his product has no market. This is followed by the entrepreneur being severely pilloried and swiftly dispatch from the Den. It’s cringing to watch but makes great TV. However it is likely that only bankruptcy awaits the entrepreneur.

The refusal by CEC to acknowledge the views of retail industry experts, Mary Portas, Bill Grimsey and the British retail consortium, that we have too many shops in the UK and the future of high streets no longer lies solely in retail, could not be more reminiscent of this situation. Cheshire East, the stubbornly defiant (yet inexperienced in the field of high street regeneration) entrepreneur who has very likely spent a stomach churning amount of money developing a plan for which there is no longer market is basically telling the leading industry experts “you are wrong and we are right”. CEC have every intention of ploughing on regardless, heads buried firmly in the sand in response to the best possible advice and wasting yet more money in a vain attempt to salvage every last drop of pride.

Where the similarity with the TV show ends is the fact that a) money being spent by CEC is ours and b) we still have time to try and make the defiant entrepreneur see sense before we all end up bankrupt.

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