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Nov 13th 2015 update – Lots of news

Updates on: 1. Leisure development plans. 2. Lidl plans – planning application submitted 3. A new business support initiative for Macc. 4. South Park plans – questionnaire to complete. 5. Barracks Mill proposals – developers want to build retail park next to big Tesco. 6. South Macclesfield development and new supermarket – planning permission granted. […]

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Debenhams pulls out – 3rd March 2015

According to a Cheshire East Council news release, anchor tenant Debenhams has announced the retailer will terminate their pre-let agreement with Silk Street developer Wilson Bowden. This decision calls into question the future of the entire controversial development As Wake Up Macclesfield has maintained since before planning permission for the retail complex was granted by […]

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Compulsory Purchase Order inquiry scheduled for April 2015

Before the development can start, Cheshire East have to buy the few plots of land they don’t already own. This is being done through by a series of Compulsory Purchase Orders. Some of the landowners/businesses affected have objected, and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (Eric Pickles) has announced an local public […]

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Feb 2015: Can you stand for Macclesfield Town Council?

Cheshire East Council’s Constitution Committee has now approved the idea of a town council for Macclesfield.  Elections will be held on May 7th 2015. Let’s make this new body as intelligent, determined and useful as possible, with party politics held at bay and tangible, practical things achieved for the town. Whilst in most ways its […]

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Silk Street viability assessment May 2014

Following a Freedom of Information request, we received a heavily redacted copy of the viability assessment commissioned by Cheshire East in May 2014. This, as expected, shows little more than that Wilson Bowden’s sums about the costs and profitability of the development add up – based on their own assumptions of how many units will […]

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Local Services Delivery Committee recommends town council

On 12th November, the Cheshire East Local Services Delivery Committee (LSDC)  voted by  a majority of 8 to 2 councillors to recommend the formation of a Single Parish (=Town) Council for Macclesfield. The LSDC consists of Macclesfield councillors sitting on Cheshire East Council. The recommendation follows the majority vote by local residents in favour of […]

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Governance – forms in by 28th July

It’s now your last chance to tell Cheshire East what governance you want for Macclesfield.  You should have the mailing from the council with the lilac voting form; Forms have to be in by 5pm on 28th July The three options: 1a. Enhanced Macclesfield Local Service Delivery Committee plus the Charter Trustees The Local Service Delivery Committee […]

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Update 11th July 2014

1. Compulsory Purchase Orders As they reach what by our reckoning is their contractual deadline, CEC are submitting the CPOs to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Those directly affected have the right to object. If this happens, there could be a public enquiry. CEC are expecting an enquiry, with a hearing […]

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Governance for Macclesfield – voting coming up

 We will shortly be asked to vote for our preferred system of town governance. It is looking as if Cheshire East will be offering what they say are two options, but which are effectively three: a) An Enhanced Local Service Delivery Committee plus the Charter Trustees. b) One or more town/parish councils. Whichever system we […]

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Final stages of consultation for the Local Plan Strategy

Essential to contribute now even if you have written before. Deadline 25th April The Local Plan Strategy has been approved by the Council and is now undergoing a formal consultation period before review by a planning inspector. Whilst some changes have been made during the earlier consultation periods, the final plan still proposes massive house building on […]

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