Here you can find links to documents relating to reasons to reject the application, links to documents and other websites giving ideas for better ways to use town centres –  including some specific ideas that have been proposed for Macclesfield – plus a bit of background on Macclesfield conservation areas.

We’ll be adding more links as we find information that could help us make Macclesfield a home town we can all enjoy living in. Please do let us know of any other useful resources – contact us here.

Consultation Responses Sent to Cheshire East

Responses are to the 2012 version of the plans.  We will post the responses to the latest version as they arrive.

The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)

“We welcome the overall strategy for redeveloping the centre of Macclesfield, however, we are concerned that the parameter drawings for scale and use in particular could result in a large development that is incongruous within the town”.

Read the full CABE response

English Heritage

“We cannot support the application in its current form and if the application is considered as it is now, without changes to mitigate the harm to the historic environment, we advise that permission should be refused.”

Read the full English Heritage response


“The Wilson Bowden plan …

…is out of keeping in terms of scale, mass and design with a historic Cheshire market town.

…does not accord with national, regional or local plan policies and will not be viable for or attract independent retailers.

….has nothing unique to offer and Maxonians would have to live with the aftermath if it fails.

…makes no concession to air quality, environmental capacity or topography..will not be environmentally sustainable.”

Read the full Macc2020 response

Moving into the Future

A National Silk Centre?

Extract from council meeting discussing the possibility of establishing a National Silk Centre in the town.

“It has the potential to become a nationally significant centre of
excellence in relation to the silk industry and textile design, a successful visitor
attraction contributing to the visitor economy, a locally significant attraction that
provides local people with a better understanding of Macclesfield”

A new entertainment and community venue?

See the video about Cocoon – a vision for a a new entertainment venue in Macclesfield.

New uses for empty shops

How putting empty units to use can transform town centres.

More new uses for empty shops

Start up Street Stirling – using empty High Street premises as a base for local entrepreneurs to test out their ideas.

Reimagining Urban Spaces to Help Revitalise our High Streets

Ideas from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Re-imagining the High Street – -Escape from Clone Town Britain.

“With a little imagination, our high streets could become places where we go to actively engage with other people in our communities; places where shopping is just one small part of a rich mix of activities including working, sharing, exchanging, playing and learning new skills.”

The 21st Century Agora: A New and Better Vision for Town Centres

“High streets and town centres that are fit for the 21st century need to be multifunctional social centres, not simply competitors for stretched
consumers. They must offer irresistible opportunities and experiences that do not exist elsewhere, are rooted in the interests and needs of
local people, and will meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.”

Building on the Past

We don’t always appreciate what we’ve got.  Macclesfield is  historically important, and has a strong legacy of buildings to show for it.

Read Macclesfield Borough Council leaflet on the Town Centre Conservation Area

Here’s a quote from it:  “The established buildings of the town centre form a strong visual context into which a new development, whether a new building, an advertisement sign or a new shop front must be thoughtfully and sensitively inserted if it is not to detract from the setting of older, neighbouring structures.”

The Town Centre Conservation are is only one of ten in the town.  Two others – Christchurch and Park Green – would be directly affected by the proposals.

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