Are we about to lose our chance to vote on governance for Macclesfield?

We’ve just heard that a decision about the future of governance for Macclesfield could be made at a council Community Governance Review sub-committee meeting tomorrow morning, Wed 16th October.

Citing the low levels of public response to the governance consultation earlier in the year, the governance sub committee paperwork indicates that committee members have the option of voting tomorrow for the option of no change but with an enhanced Local Services Committee ( a group made up of councillors who represent Macclesfield wards in Cheshire East council).

This would remove the chance for us as members of the public to vote on whether we would prefer a town council.

It is particularly concerning that this option of voting now for no change is being suggested to councillors given that the minutes of the previous meeting show the sub-committee itself had doubts about the effectiveness of the public consultation so far conducted and the information available to the public.

For this reason, Committee members had resolved:

1. That the consultation information be reformatted to include two options in respect of no change with the retention of an enhanced Local Service Delivery Committee; and a Town Council for Macclesfield, and that specific examples of services, functions, and the associated costs be drawn from existing town councils.

2. That the Communications Team prepare a plan on how to make better use of a wider range of media.

Read the papers for tomorrow’s meeting here

If you want to make your feelings known, you can go to the meeting and speak in the public speaking time allowed at the start. To ask a question, however, you would have needed to give three days ‘ notice.

The meeting is to be held in the meeting room at Macclesfield Leisure Centre at 10.30, Wednesday 16th Oct.


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