What is Wake Up Macclesfield?

A campaign started by a group of local peopleĀ  concerned that the Wilson Bowden proposals for retail-based town centre redevelopment will cause serious harm to our town.

Wake Up Macclesfield is about:

  • Raising awareness of concerns about the Wilson Bowden plans for Macclesfield town centre.
  • Creating the conditions for discussion so more people can have a say.
  • Encouraging better use of existing buildings and spaces.
  • Supporting sustainable businesses and recreational projects that improve facilities and add to the town’s individuality.
  • Ensuring Macclesfield stays a town that feels like home and does not become another clone town.

We gathered together ideas, opinions and information to contribute to the planning processand inform decision-making.

As a result,over 3,000 written objections were sent to the planning department, the majority citing valid planning objections. Sadly, this overwhelming rejection by local people of the development held no sway with the planning committee, who voted in favour of the scheme.

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