3,000 objections lodged

Email sent to all councillors 2/6/2013

Dear Councillor

This email from a council officer in response to a point made by a member of the public confirms that over 3,000 objections to the Silk Street plans have been received.
“Please note that whilst your comments will be taken into consideration, it is not Council policy to respond to every letter of representation received against an application due to the resourceimplications of this- as an example, we have received over 3000 letters of representation¬†against the application and whilst all these comments have been duly logged and will be takeninto consideration, we cannot respond to every one. I must stress that a recommendation on the application has not yet been made and that the planning team dealing with the application will be considering all of the comments made.”

Given that few families lodge more than one objection even if several family members feel strongly, this figure could well represent more than one in eight Macclesfield households. This is a phenomenal number of people to have taken the time to write, particularly given that many of the objectors provide lengthy letters giving detailed reasons for their objection and citing why the application is not in the economic,social or environmental best interests of the town and does not therefore comply with planning guidance as given in the National Planning Policy Framework.

We note with interest the planning officer’s comment that the planning team will be considering all the comments made. We hope very much that this will indeed be the case. The developers give us predictions of economic growth based on statistical models. People who live in and know the town give predictions of the impact of the development based on a genuine kmowlege of the local economy and community.

Please listen to them.

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